Step Hero RPG Game launches NFT Marketplace & Mystery Chest SALE

Step Hero NFT RPG Game


Step Hero is a NFT fantasy-themed RPG Game on both BSC & Polygon networks.

They are launching a New NFT Marketplace and the first batch of Step Hero Mystery Chest will be available for sale this August 31st 2021.

The Step Hero game’s plot hinges on the post-apocalyptic war between the army of Shadows led by Lucifer – The Demon Lord and the Heroes led by archangel Gabriel.
The players will play the Hero roles. Your missions are fighting against the villains in battles while buffing your energy by collecting in-game items, earning money (in STEP coins), and upgrading your characters.

Step Hero NFTs Marketplace is where you create, sell, and buy NFTs digital content. Moreover, you can launch NFT auctions, earn commissions from affiliate programs, and build your favorite NFT collection.

Mystery Chest Sale

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