Mintopoly! NFT Game

Mintopoly is a Free to Play blockchain-based simulator game where you win NFT cards and crypto airdrops. Visit their website at

Mintopoly MoneyMintopoly NFTs

Go to your dashboard, launch your first mining rig, and start building your empire of smart contracts, trading bots, exchanges and much more. Compete on the global leaderboard to earn the most Mintopoly! coins, NFT cards and cryptocurrency!

There are 12,000 collectable NFT Mintopoly! cards that each provide unique boosts inside the game to help you rank higher. These are being steadily minted and dropped in small batches.

Each round includes several challenges to win free cards – finish with the highest net worth and you’ll win the ultra-rare mintopolist card.

Mintopoly! NFTs Collection on Opensea

Mintopoly! Money is the cryptocurrency freely distributed to players of the game. The top ~200 players in each weekly round receive an airdrop of these tokens in proportion to the amount they earned. PLUS you can use these earnings to mint your own limited-edition NFT cards!

Get a free card when you sign-up here!